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At Wheeler Boyd we understand no one wants to be researching DUI attorneys. DUI is a complex area of law with intimidating terms like IID and SR-22. DUI defense is also a practice area that commonly trades in fear-based marketing, designed to drive clients to retain the first attorney they find. Here’s the reality, because DUI charges are complicated it is imperative to find an attorney that focuses in one area of law: DUI Defense.
The attorney you select should take time to help you understand all of your options in a simple, straight forward manner, and realistically walk you through the DUI criminal and civil process in a way that focuses on your education, not intimidation. We would love the opportunity to meet, speak, or Zoom with you about your individual circumstances. Our consultation is free. Following the consultation, if we are aligned, we look forward to serving as your Counsel; if we are not, we appreciate the opportunity to share our passion for what we do. Wheeler Boyd represents DUI clients throughout Clark County including the cities of Vancouver, Ridgefield, Camas, La Center and Washougal. If you have been charged with DUI, we are here to help

Keep in mind that fighting a DUI typically has two completely different aspects: The criminal court system and the Washington Department of Licensing hearing

COVID DUI Court Process

Beginning in March of 2020 law enforcement and courts have drastically altered how DUI cases enter the criminal justice system.

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DUI Criminal Process

The process following the initial charge in a DUI has Steps that are common in most DUI Cases.

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Department of Licensing

The second componant of a case is a hearing with the Department of Licensing to determine if they will issue an administrative action to suspend or revoke the privilege to drive.

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Andrew Wheeler
Clark County Attorney Since 2003

I am often asked why I defend DUI charges. My answer is: DUI is “the neighbor crime”, a crime that with an extra drink or two, any of our neighbors, reliable folks we have known for years, could suddenly find themselves facing a serious criminal charge.
I have been advocating for clients in the criminal court system in Clark County for over 20 years.

Alex Uskoski
Clark County Attorney Since 2016

I focus my law practice exclusively on defending driving-related criminal charges and navigating the collateral licensing issues that are often associated with those charges. To this end, a large portion of my practice is devoted to Department of Licensing administrative hearings (also called “Implied Consent” hearings).


DUI cases can move quickly and often are time sensitive. Please provide information regarding your case in the form below. At Wheeler Boyd we work to reply to all inquiries within a few hours of receiving your communication. We understand this is a stressful time and will do all we can help.